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Aptcoin Aptcoin star

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Aptcoin is a Proof of Work cryptocurrency that takes the changing N-factor in the Scrypt algorithm a step further by having the N-factor change every block. The N-factor is effectively randomized and can jump between N-factors of 6-13. Unlike a released mining schedule that is completely transparent and changes within years of time Aptcoin dynamically changes N-factor and cannot be predicted.

Markkinaosuus 0.51%
Todiste tyyppi PoW
24h Auki 10.15
24h Alhainen 9.97
24h Korkea 10.55
Hinta BTC 0.00041373603641 BTC
Nykyinen Tarjonta 1.026.720.384 APT
Koko Tarjonnan 42.000.000 APT
Market cap 10.808.967.857
24 h Tilavuus (kolikko) 4.296.784 APT
24h Määrä (valuutta) 45.235.100
24h Kokonaismäärä (kolikko) 5.220.093 APT
24h Yhteensä määrä (valuutta) 54.96M
Viimeksi päivitetty 2023-03-29 06:00:17 +01:00 BST
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