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Moonlight is a decentralized workforce and project management platform anchored on the NEO blockchain. It provides improved liquidity to conventional resource management activities by integrating 'gig economy' mechanics into an analytical project management platform. Tasks completed in Moonlight are published to a user's address on the blockchain which acts as a trustless resume. The project, therefore, provides a public ledger of contributor work experience and a matchmaking algorithm to effectively fulfill project needs using a global pool of qualified contributors. This data is also leveraged by the ecosystem's project tracking and staffing tools.

Moonlight will introduce a divisible, high supply NEP-5.1 system token called Lux. The Lux token will use a similar, multi-token UTXO operating mechanic to Neo and Neon Exchange (NEX) to provide value to token holders. Addresses holding Lux will periodically be awarded GAS proportional to their Lux holdings. The amount of Gas awarded to Lux holders is proportional to the fees collected by the Moonlight project. Additionally, the Lux token will have a utility within the ecosystem. By using the token for remittance, resolvers and issuers will be charged reduced system fees.

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