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SALT is a membership based lending and borrowing network that allows users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans. The SALT Secured Automated Lending Technology is a protocol and asset agnostic architecture designed to adapt to the constantly growing class of blockchain assets.

The SALT Platform is automated and cryptographically secure. SALT is a lending platform specifically designed for blockchain assets; operating as a second layer protocol which sits atop any public or permissioned blockchain, allowing the underlying asset to be used as collateral for access to credit.

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Nykyinen Tarjonta 120.000.000 SALT
Koko Tarjonnan 120.000.000 SALT
Market cap 3.937.093
24 h Tilavuus (kolikko) 385.911 SALT
24h Määrä (valuutta) 12.661
24h Kokonaismäärä (kolikko) 388.053 SALT
24h Yhteensä määrä (valuutta) 12.73K
Viimeksi päivitetty 2023-03-29 08:00:26 +01:00 BST
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